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As we celebrate each anniversary of Pilgrim Rest, let us remember our vision to “be like a city that sits on a hill; a beacon of hope for all” as we fulfill the great commandment of Jesus found in St. Matthew 28:18-20…
”to teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.”
  • 1922

    Founded in "No Man's Land"

    Church founded by Rev. Jake Howard, Rev. R. Thomas, and Rev. M. Boyd in Somerton, AZ “No Man’s Land"

  • 1930

    Pilgrim Relocated to Phoenix

    Church relocated to 1417 E. Madison; Phoenix, AZ under Pastor Boyd

  • 1936

    Rev. Williams Appointed

    Church under Rev. J. W. Williams

  • 1937-1950

    Transitional Time

    Transitional time: Church under Rev. Moses Howard, Rev. Whatley, and Rev. Carr

  • 1950

    Rev. H. Y.  Stevenson Appointed

    Rev. H. Y. Stevenson appointed Pastor

  • 1968

    New Sanctuary on Madison

    Under Pastor Stevenson, new Sanctuary erected at 1401 E. Madison Street

  • 1973

    Rev. Wesley Jones Appointed

    Pastor Stevenson passed
    Rev. Wesley Jones appointed Pastor

  • 1979

    Radio Broadcast

    Old Fashion Gospel Hour started

  • 1981

    National Baptist Convention 

    Church served as headquarters for 101st National Baptist Convention of America for the first time in AZ

  • 1984

    Rev. Alexis Thomas Appointed

    Pastor Wesley Jones resigned
    Rev. Alexis Thomas appointed as youngest Pastor in AZ history

  • 1997

    "Vision 2000" Unveiled

    Bishop Thomas unveiled his “Vision 2000” for a new Sanctuary, Word Center, and Wellness Center

  • 2000

    New Sanctuary on Jefferson

    Under Bishop Thomas, new 2,500-seat Sanctuary erected at 1401 E. Jefferson Street

  • 2003

    Wellness Center Built

    PRBC Wellness Center construction completed - 31,000 square feet with executive offices and classrooms 

  • 2007

    Wellness Center Dedication

    PRBC Wellness Center dedicated with Cafe Eden and the Spa at Pilgrim, as well as a Family Services resource center and computer lab

  • 2008

    Teleos Preparatory Academy

    Teleos Preparatory Academy established on PRBC Campus

  • 2010

    East Valley Campus Expansion

    East Valley Campus established at Quartz Elementary, then expanded to Campo Verde High School in Gilbert, AZ 

  • 2011

    PRBC Live Stream to Thousands

    Internet Live Stream reached thousands of international, national, and local worshipers

  • 2013

    PRBC Television Broadcast to Thousands

    PRBC first television broadcast debut reached over 20,000 worshipers on AZTV

  • 2015

    Prayer Garden Dedicated

    PRBC Prayer Garden dedicated between the Word Center and Sanctuary buildings

  • 2017

    Solar Power for Downtown Campus

    Through a partnership with Scout Energy Advisors, Pilgrim Rest transitioned to solar energy to power at least 75% of the campus from a renewable energy source - the sun.

  • January 18, 2018

    Bishop Alexis A. Thomas Passed

    b. November 9, 1967 - d. January 18, 2018
    Homegoing Service at Phoenix Convention Center
    on January 29, 2018; thousands in attendance.

  • 2018

    Pastor Terry E. Mackey Appointed

    On December 2, 2018, Pastor Terry Mackey from Memphis, Tennessee was announced as the new PRBC Senior Pastor. He preached his initial sermon on December 16, 2018.

  • 2019

    Pastor Terry E. Mackey Installed

    Pastor Terry Mackey was officially appointed as PRBC Senior Pastor in Pastoral Installation Services and Ceremony on March 31, 2019.