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As we celebrate each anniversary of Pilgrim Rest, let us remember our vision to “be like a city that sits on a hill; a beacon of hope for all” as we fulfill the great commandment of Jesus found in St. Matthew 28:18-20…
”to teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost.”
  • 1922

    Founded in "No Man's Land"

    Church founded by Rev. Jake Howard, Rev. R. Thomas, and Rev. M. Boyd in Somerton, AZ “No Man’s Land"

  • 1930

    Pilgrim Relocated to Phoenix

    Church relocated to 1417 E. Madison; Phoenix, AZ under Pastor Boyd

  • 1936

    Rev. Williams Appointed

    Church under Rev. J. W. Williams

  • 1937-1950

    Transitional Time

    Transitional time: Church under Rev. Moses Howard, Rev. Whatley, and Rev. Carr

  • 1950

    Rev. H. Y.  Stevenson Appointed

    Rev. H. Y. Stevenson appointed Pastor

  • 1968

    New Sanctuary on Madison

    Under Pastor Stevenson, new Sanctuary erected at 1401 E. Madison Street

  • 1973

    Rev. Wesley Jones Appointed

    Pastor Stevenson passed
    Rev. Wesley Jones appointed Pastor

  • 1979

    Radio Broadcast

    Old Fashion Gospel Hour started

  • 1981

    National Baptist Convention 

    Church served as headquarters for 101st National Baptist Convention of America for the first time in AZ

  • 1984

    Rev. Alexis Thomas Appointed

    Pastor Wesley Jones resigned
    Rev. Alexis Thomas appointed as youngest Pastor in AZ history

  • 1997

    "Vision 2000" Unveiled

    Bishop Thomas unveiled his “Vision 2000” for a new Sanctuary, Word Center, and Wellness Center

  • 2000

    New Sanctuary on Jefferson

    Under Bishop Thomas, new 2,500-seat Sanctuary erected at 1401 E. Jefferson Street

  • 2003

    Wellness Center Built

    PRBC Wellness Center construction completed - 31,000 square feet with executive offices and classrooms 

  • 2007

    Wellness Center Dedication

    PRBC Wellness Center dedicated with Cafe Eden and the Spa at Pilgrim, as well as a Family Services resource center and computer lab

  • 2008

    Teleos Preparatory Academy

    Teleos Preparatory Academy established on PRBC Campus

  • 2010

    East Valley Campus Expansion

    East Valley Campus established at Quartz Elementary, then expanded to Campo Verde High School in Gilbert, AZ 

  • 2011

    PRBC Live Stream to Thousands

    Internet Live Stream reached thousands of international, national, and local worshipers

  • 2013

    PRBC Television Broadcast to Thousands

    PRBC first television broadcast debut reached over 20,000 worshipers on AZTV

  • 2015

    Prayer Garden Dedicated

    PRBC Prayer Garden dedicated between the Word Center and Sanctuary buildings

  • 2017

    Solar Power for Campus

    Through a partnership with Scout Energy Advisors, Pilgrim Rest transitioned to solar energy to power at least 75% of the campus from a renewable energy source - the sun.

  • January 18, 2018

    Bishop Alexis A. Thomas Passed

    b. November 9, 1967 - d. January 18, 2018
    Homegoing Service at Phoenix Convention Center
    on January 29, 2018; thousands in attendance.

  • 2019

    Pastor Terry E. Mackey Installed

    On March 31, 2019, Pastor Terry E. Mackey was installed as Senior Pastor.